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phono.gif (4577 bytes)The Jazz Age prides itself in offering vintage bar ware items and the American cocktail shaker celebrating the cocktail culture of the U.S. from the art deco era of Prohibition and its repeal. 


Todays Special
Ruby Cut-To-Clear Cocktail Shaker
A Vintage, Ruby Red Cut to Clear Cocktail Shaker with the original shaker top. The piece is crystal cased in ruby glass and hand cut through the red glass layer exposing the crystal base. The cut design features miter cut ovals, lines and thumbprints. The top is silver on copper with a cap, strainer and cork stopper. Likely dates to the 1910's or 1920's. The piece is unmarked but is likely Czechoslovakia/Bohemian cut. 11 inches tall & in excellent vintage condition. * (540) 305-7223


2008 The Jazz Age