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4 To 1 Cocktail Measure
Especially created for the connoisseur who prefers accuracy, this is the tarnish proof, aluminum alloy, 4 to 1 measure. It is 11" long with a measure on either end. The larger measure is 4 times larger than the smaller - yes, 4 - 1. I have one of these & find my Plymouth Gin martini is perfect when I use the large end twice, small measure once > 8 to 1 martini. Comes with original box, instructions/insert and cleaning directions. This is a great one.

Precision Cocktail Measure - Lab Design
This Cocktail measure is made for the precision-minded. With a load of industrial influence, the measure is 6 /12 inches high and intends to help you make the perfect cocktail. It is shaped like a lab beaker, all glass with a pedestal foot & has "spirit calculator" printed on the side. Also is calibrated to measure just the exact amount of spirits needed. Perfect condition.

Lenox Fine China
Porcelain shotglass/jigger in the shape of a bucket by Lenox. The handle and the graduated marks are decorated with gold. This will add a finishing touch to a top-notch vintage barware collection! 2-3/16" tall. Lenox called it "The Bucket Jigger" & it was introduced in 1961 and discontinued in 1964. Excellent condition.

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Mechanical Jigger with Bakelite
Stands just about 3" tall. Suspend jigger over the edge of glass or Cocktail Shaker - Fill jigger with liquid - Push down to release liquid.

ON SALE $40.00...Plus Free Shipping in USA..!

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Marksman Jigger measure
This is a hard-to-find jigger/measure. It is called "The Marksman". Comes with the original box. You can read the markings on the bottom in the photo. In the very bottom of the inside are the letters "OZ" for ounces and the columns are marked, respectively, 1/2, 1, 1 1/2 & 2. It is 2 1/4" tall and made of heavy, chromed plastic.


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