A Passion For The Jazz Age & Art Deco Barware



WOW !!

Have we had a great time collecting and selling Vintage Cocktail Shakers. We decided about 30 years ago that there was a category of Art Deco items that was being ignored by the collecting public – the Cocktail Shakers from the 1920’s-1930’s. We loved the Art Deco look but that early in our marriage couldn't always afford some of the great Deco pieces.With dealers giving shakers little attention or respect and my love for a Martini or Manhattan in a fancy stemmed glass, well, you start to get the picture.

So, as the English would say, we started “hoovering” up all the attractive Cocktail Shakers we could find. We had about 5 years of buying Shakers without a lot of competition and had 100’s of them scattered around our Richmond, Va. home.  Then came the momentous next step in the development of any collectible….a book. Stephen Visakay published his book “Vintage Bar Ware” in 1997. Things changed quickly after that. The number of Cocktail Shaker enthusiasts grew exponentially & prices went up.

Our initial website hit the internet in 1998 and The Jazz Age was born. It has been a significant part of the Cocktail Shaker action ever since. Sales were good and our customers a diverse lot (an Atlantic City Casino, a restaurant in Monte Carlo, restaurants around the USA & the most interesting group of individual collectors imaginable).

So enjoy our web site and contact us with any questions or comments.

Remember, we also buy Cocktail Shakers or collections of Vintage Barware..

If you are a beginning collector or an old pro, we would be interested in hearing from you regarding your collection, your display strategy, or your future plans.
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Gary & Joy Graham