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Town Crier's Copper Bell Cocktail Shaker Cocktail Shaker with copper body and wood handle. Town Crier's Bell... Product #: 020518-2 Regular price: $65.00 $65.00

Town Crier's Copper Bell Cocktail Shaker

This measures 10 1/2" Tall, The bell rings like a school bell when empty. A cocktail shaker in the form of an old fashioned hand bell, (or town crier'sbell.) The bell has a copper body and a wood handle with brass fittings. Removing the handle allows access to the shaker; replace the handle to mix your adult beverage. Remove the top of the handle to pour... the strainer is in the bottom of the handle. If your host is slow to deliver additional cocktal, simply ring the empty shaker to get her attention. One small dimple dent near copper body top. Excellent condition.