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Deco Shapes & Sizes

Cocktail Shakers come in Sizes & Shapes. Cocktail Shakers shaped as airplanes & Zeppelins, skyscrapers &  Lady’s Legs. There are penguins, ringing bells, fire extinguishers and many other Cocktail Shaker examples in this category.  

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Precious Miniature Cobalt Cocktail Shaker

Perfect for two, intimate cocktails. Excellent condition.


1937 Ruby Lady's Leg Cocktail Shaker

Manufactured in West Virginia in 1937. One of the iconic Cocktal Shakers.


1937 Frosted Lady's Leg Cocktail Shaker

The mate to the Ruby, this is the Frosted Lady's Leg Cocktail Shaker


W. Va. Cobalt Skyscraper Cocktail Shaker Set

West Virginia Specialty Glass Comany Skyscraper (Long Feller) Cobalt Cocktail Shaker set from 1930's.


1930's Penguin Cocktail Shaker

There are three major Penguin Cocktail Shakers.


Laboratory Beaker Shaped Cocktail Martini Pitcher

1930's Kimble Glass Company laboratory beaker-shaped Martini Pitcher.


Figural Fire Extinguisher Cocktail Shaker

Figural Cocktail Shaker in fire extinguisher shape. 1st produced in the 1930's. Music Box.


Farber Brass Skyscraper Cocktail Shaker

A brass skyscraper Cocktail Shaker made by Farber Brothers in the 1940's


Skyscraper Etched Cocktail Shaker

Clear Glass Etched Skyscraper Cocktail Shaker



Standing Chrome Barbell Cocktail Shaker

Red Bakelite pour spout cover tops off this standing chrome Barbell Cocktail Shaker.


Twin Engine Airplane Cocktail Shaker

Twin Engine Airplane Cocktail Shaker