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1950's Yo- Yo Cocktail Shaker in original Box

A novelty bar item from the 1950s or 1960s. Like your Martini shaken or stirred?...Well how about yo - yo'd.

The manufacturer of this yo-yo cocktail shaker was the Alabe Crafts company, (famous for another iconic creation - the Magic 8-Ball).
Comes with original box and original instructions. The Yo-Yo Shaker fits nicely into the box which measures 7 1/2" x5"x5". The box is in reasonably good condition with age/use discoloration.
Box contains a number of humorous statements...."Make mine a Double" "Keep 'em Dangling!" "Yo-Yo Ho and a Bottle of Rum" "Drives 'em to Drink" "Makes Drinking Compulsive!" "Yo-Yo Cocktail Mixer for Playful Bartenders"

The Yo-Yo shaker appears to be unused as the instructions are still inside one of the cups.