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Paden City Cocktail Shaker (Chanticleer) W/Rooster Finial

One of the dominant themes of the 1930's cocktail scene was the rooster ( Chanticleer ) Cock & here we offer it in a 3 dimensional, 3-piece Cocktail Shaker by Paden City.
The Paden City Glass Manufacturing Company was established in Paden City, West Virginia in 1916. Paden City quickly began producing fine quality hand made, pressed and mold blown glassware.

This piece is often mistaken as Heisey Glass since that company also made cocktail shakers with a rooster or cock motif.
The crystal body, strainer & Chanticleer finial are in perfect condition. Large size - 13" tall.
The Best Cocktails aremade in an all glass Cocktail Shaker !