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1929 Silverice - Original Box 1929 Silverice for your Cocktail collection... Product #: 0618-75 Regular price: $95.00 $95.00

1929 Silverice - Original Box

Product Code: 0618-75

Price: $95.00

Introduced in May, 1929, Silverice was, in the beginning, sold exclusively through Mary Ryan of 5th Avenue, New York and cost $5 for a box of six. The metal balls contain liquid. Put them in the freezer and, when frozen, place in glass. Unlike ice, Silverice does not melt & dilute cocktail. I'm not sure what liquid is inside Silverice, so I'd be a bit leery of using them. But the Deco design box and these 90 year old cocktail items deserve a special place in your Cocktail Shaker collection.