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4 to 1 Cocktail Measure Jigger Aluminum alloy 4 to 1 cocktail measure/jigger with original box... Product #: 0218-47 Regular price: $67.00 $67.00

4 to 1 Cocktail Measure Jigger

Especially created for the connoisseur who prefers accuracy, this is the tarnish proof, aluminum alloy, 4 to 1 measure. It is 11" long with a measure on either end. The larger measure is 4 times larger than the smaller - yes, 4 - 1. I have one of these & find my Plymouth Gin martini is perfect when I use the large end twice, small measure once > 8 to 1 martini. Comes with original box, instructions/insert and cleaning directions. This is a great one.