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Gerold Porcelain W. Germany Beer Puzzle Mug Puzzle Mug Beer Stein W. Germany.. Product #: 0318-5 Regular price: $55.00 $55.00

Gerold Porcelain W. Germany Beer Puzzle Mug

Product Code: 0318-5

Price: $55.00

This beer stein is also a puzzle mug, and features a nude lady lithopane in the bottom. Marked on the bottom, Gerold-Porzellan , followed by the makers mark and "Bavaria, Made in W. Germany." The mug features a woodsy theme with a deer scene on the front, the handle is made to look like a thick branch. "Puzzle mugs" were made so that the drinker could only drink from it if they were to able to figure the correct holes to use while drinking.  
Measures 7-1/2" H. Excellent condition.