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Prohibition Themes

Prohibition started serious manufacture of Cocktail Shakers & the Repeal set production at a wild level. Every household had at least 1 Cocktail Shaker & many reflected the Cocktail culture of The Jazz Age. Let the celebration continue.

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1930's Penguin Cocktail Shaker

There are three major Penguin Cocktail Shakers.


Harris-Dunn Bakelite Mini-Bar & Picks

Bakelite Mini-Bar with Bottle Cocktail Picks.


Physician/Pharmacist Fun Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail Shaker for your favorite Physician or Pharmacist. 10"- 32 Oz. Faux prescription theme.


Caramel Bottoms Up Cup McKee 1930's

1930's McKee "Bottom's Up" Cocktail Cup


Two Typsies Hanging to Lightpost

Dunbar Glass Co. Cocktail Shaker Set Inebriants


Brrrr! Polar Bear Cocktail Shaker Set

6 Piece 1930's Polar bears Cocktail Set.


HA Speed Stripes Cocktail Shaker Set

Hazel Atlas Speed Stripes Cocktail Shaker 8 piece Set


Dromedary Camels & Oasis Cocktail Shaker

Camels & Oasis & a reminder of "How Dry I am !"