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1937 Ruby Lady's Leg Cocktail Shaker

The famous 1937 Lady’s Leg Cocktail Shaker is a prime example of American elegant, ruby glass. The top and silver slipper were manufactured by the Derby Shelton Silver Co. The Glass Lady's Leg was produced by West Virginia Specialty Glass Co. Widely recognized as one of the most rare and desired shakers from this period!
The leg has a curvy pin up shape. “She” wears a 1930’s style silver dancing sandal with a perfect Cuban heel and working buckle. (Yes, you can take her shoe off.) Shaker features a chrome cap and strainer with air spout for easy pouring of your top-shelf classic cocktails. It measures 15 1/2″ high.

The shoe: A nice tight fit. Damage free. I have had the shoe off but, since the closure buckle is very basic and over 80 years old, I recommend taking the shoe off carefully and infrequently.

The Ruby Lady's Leg: The ruby glass leg has no breaks, cracks, chips, etc.

The chrome Top & Pour Spout Cover: Perfect condition - like unused.

The Silver Decoration: Here is where all the legs that I have seen or owned have shown wear to one degree or another. There is a silver ring around the leg just below the chrome top. This ring is missing approximately 50% of its silver color.
There are 3 fleur-de-lis designs on the lady's leg. Two are on the sides just above the lady's ankles. The other is centered on the front of the foot. Each of these designs show color loss- one has 50%, one has a 30% loss and the one on the front of the foot maybe 15%.
We have tried to photograph each of these designs. Look closely at the photos. What we have described/photographed is what you will receive.